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What Are You Reading?

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We want to know what you are reading right now
Welcome to now_reading

We are a community where you can post what you are currently reading, no matter if you read one, two or more books at a time. All books are fine to post, even graphic novels. We ask that you do not post single issue comic books. If the mood so strikes you, you may put in a one or two line ‘review’ on the book you just finished. Please, no lengthy reviews.

Community Rules Now in handy dandy list form!

Post only what you are now reading. not your TBR list. You may also post when you have finished a book.

Keep reviews to one or two lines. ‘This book scared the crap out of me.’ is a what were are looking for. Nothing in-depth about plot or characters.

Tag posts with your username. You may also tag genre. Do not tag author or book title.

Don’t post spoilers in your post, review or as comments. That’s just a really crappy thing to do.

This community is run by the book tarts monkiechunk and skybluerae. Please direct any questions, concerns or complaints to them.

Reading is smart and sexy!