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01 June 2009 @ 06:03 pm
Wanted: Volunteers wanted to read a book so that it could be published  
Hello, booklovers. I have a feeling that mine is not an altogether right way of stepping here, but I do need some help from people who might be willing to provide it.
The thing is I have written a book. Yes, yes, I’m laughing myself. Nonetheless, please, do save your sense of humour for when you’ve read it. Being a self-publishing writer, however – atrociously sad world, this one! – I am currently looking for several volunteers to proofread what my insolence sometimes dares consider as a work a merit. Don’t let the word “proofreading” scare you though. I don’t mean ‘editing’ it professionally, just seeing that things look all right generally.
For the same reason of being a self-publishing comrade, the only remuneration I am able to offer will be a free copy of the book along with your name in its Special Thanks To list. Not very much, I know. Still, if you’re curious or otherwise intrigued, you are more than welcome to visit the homepage of the future book, The Red Britain Chronicles, or 4891: Comrade Cat, the Macho Axe Effect and the Human Gramophone at
http://sites.google.com/site/theredbritainchronicles/ where you can read several chapters hereof and decide if you’d be tempted by my unappealing offer, or not really.
Since I do not visit this site often, please, contact me via email that you will find at the above address. Thank you for your patience!